Hyndman Publishing is the culmination of a 90 year, three generation, association with the New Zealand book trade. It began with Hyndman's Booksellers, which was established in Invercargill in 1906, and relocated to Dunedin in 1937.

In 1991 the publishing division was established, initially specialising in local books. The success of this venture led to the establishment of a separate company – Hyndman Publishing. In 1996 the retail arm, Hyndman's Booksellers, was sold, allowing the directors to concentrate their energies solely on publishing. Hyndman Publishing now operates from the Kapiti Coast.

• We have many years of experience in the NZ book trade.
• Publications are released at carefully managed intervals, enabling a focused approach to each.
• Our books and stationery products are also available to fundraising organisations, allowing us  to reach a much wider market.
• Many of our titles have spent time on the NZ Bestseller's List.


Hyndman Publishing

Email:   office@hyndman.co.nz


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