2Sales Brochure fundraiser

Taking part with this fundraiser is easy and comes with no risk and no expense as you order only what you have pre-sold from your free fundraiser brochures  - below is an example of our fundraising pricing.

The products are discounted so that you and your supporters receive great value!
The link below will show you the free brochure that we will personalise for your fundraiser.

An example of how the fundraising pricing works

Nancy Tichborne diary

Retail $16.99
You buy for $8

You sell for $12 ‘brochure price’
Your supporters save on the retail price!        

Your fundraiser will make $4 per copy!

(All prices include GST)

View sales brochure products here: Sales Brochure 

How our fundraiser works in three easy steps:


  1. Complete the sales brochure registration online to receive your free brochures. We supply up to 200x but if you require more, email office@hyndman.co.nz with your request. Distribute to your supporters.
  2. Receive and collate your orders & payments from your supporters - an order collation sheet will be supplied with your brochures.                                                             
  3. Enter your order, along with your payment through our online store - tab on home page. Your purchase price (selling price less your fundraiser profit) is automatically entered - click on the link below to view the books and pricing.


View / Order sales brochure products 
There is an 'Easy Step' ordering guide on the this page
We offer three methods of payment:
a. Credit Card
b. Online Banking – Click here for our bank details
c. Cheque

We dispatch weekly - please allow 10 working days (from your payment date) for delivery.

If you have any queries or questions regarding our fundraising please email office @hyndman.co.nz We will respond as soon as we are able.

Please note the books ordered are sold on a ‘firm sale basis’ (not returnable).

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